Snappysas for Support Teams

Snappysas gives Support Teams powerful tools to create happy customers and streamline operations.

Support Uses Cases

  • Communicate service issues and downtimes, directly in-app where your customers actually experience them
  • Train users about your product as they use it, so that their dependence on Support is reduced

Support Team Spotlight

LabStats uses Snappysas to reduce the negative affects felt by customers and their Support Department when their product doesn't work as intended. In rare cases, users may encounter an error and this is generally the cause of a very brief disruption in services.

LabStats uses this as an opportunity to remind their customers that their Support Department is on standby and ready to take action, but that the issue will most likely resolve itself within a very short minute. This message gets delivered directly in-app right where the customer experienced the problem.

This helps get their customers back to business fast and reduces the flood of support requests that get generated. But, because Snappysas messaging can be changed on-the-fly, the Support Department can update the message with more detailed information and revised restoration timelines if needed.

LabStats provides hardware and software usage analytics to colleges and universities
Snappysas is perfect for product teams, sales teams, marketing teams, support teams, and startups.