Snappysas for Sales Teams

Snappysas gives Sales Teams another way to reach sales goals.

Sales Uses Cases

  • Promote upgrade from trial accounts to improve trial conversion
  • Improve retention by promoting "hook" features which encourage longevity
  • When renewals are done offline, communicate them early so there are no service interruptions

Sales Team Spotlight

LabStats uses Snappysas to in multiple ways to improve its sales objectives.

First, customers get to try out the product prior to commiting to a purchase. During this trial, users are delivered a few onboarding messages which educate them on the potential of the product, and introduce them to features which are likely to "hook" them so that they don't stop using the product.

Second, when trials are near expiration users are prompted to purchase. Similiarly, users are prompted at renewal time. Delivering these messages in-app guarantees LabStats reaches its users who are most receptive to the purchase and renewal.

LabStats provides hardware and software usage analytics to colleges and universities
Snappysas is perfect for product teams, sales teams, marketing teams, support teams, and startups.