Snappysas for Product Teams

Snappysas gives Product Teams powerful tools to guarantee product success.

Product Uses Cases

  • Announce new features to guarantee successful rollout
  • Promote features and behavior that yield successful outcomes
  • Collect feedback from users
  • Conduct surveys to gather insights
  • Segment users to communicate with and understand different groups of people

Product Team Spotlight

LabStats uses Snappysas full circle to understand its customers, build solutions for them, and gauge the success of those solutions after launch.

They start out by conducting surveys and collecting feedback from their users, directly in-app from their most invested users. Using this insight, they are able to build features into their product with great success.

Following release the team can collect more feedback in-app from users who have tried out the feature and refine the feature as necessary.

LabStats provides hardware and software usage analytics to colleges and universities
Snappysas is perfect for product teams, sales teams, marketing teams, support teams, and startups.