Snappysas for Startups

Snappysas allows startups to launch faster by instantly getting rich features.

Startup Uses Cases

  • Launch faster by keeping your development team focused on developing your core product
  • Deliver in-app notifications and messages based on user activity and events
  • Announce new features as quickly as you ship them
  • Quickly collect feedback from users so you are sure you are building the right product, and so you can make course corrections if needed
  • Improve retention and trial conversion by promoting features that hook your users and encourage longevity
  • Automate support messaging for service interruptions, which inevitably happen on high growth systems

Startup Spotlight

Snappysas itself is a startup, and the company is a firm believer in dogfooding—meaning they are heavy users of their own product. By integrating the snappysas product into the snappysas Portal, the team was able to launch much faster because they didn't have to waste any extra time building messaging and notifications into their product.

Using the Snappysas communication platform in the Portal has been instrumental in building snappysas into a successful product. The small team has been able to stay connected with customers, keep them informed about the fast paced enhancements that keep shipping, and to collect feedback which is used to further refine the product.

Snappysas is perfect for product teams, sales teams, marketing teams, support teams, and startups.