Send Messages

Send messages directly to users in-app. Use these messages as notifications to respond to user activity or events, or for highly personalized communication.

Build Targeted Campaigns

Use user segmentation to send messages directly to users in-app based on a set of criteria. Use campaigns to welcome new users, provide product training, offer support following an error, upsell a customer, and millions of other things.

Embed Rich Content

Embed rich content directly in your in-app messages for stronger impact. Embed images and videos to enhance your message. Use HTML and CSS for complete customization of the look and feel, and use javascript to give you limitless functionality.

Gauge Reception

Go beyond blind delivery of your communications. Instead, gauge reception of your messages so that you can improve your positioning and yield better results. Compare each campaign to a baseline to see where you are being successful and where you can improve.

Use Snappysas to

Announce New Features

Promote recent changes to your product to ensure successful rollout of new features.

Product Training

Educate users about your product and its usage, so that new users become power users fast.

Improve Retention

Positively affect retention by engaging users and promoting features that hook them.

Improve Trial Conversion

Showcase the value of your product and encourage users to upgrade at just the right time.

Gather Feedback

Deliver surveys directly in-app to collect user insights and track it over time.

Encourage Behavior

Prompt users to take action, while they're actually in your app and are most receptive.

Promote Feature Adoption

Highlight key features in your app to ensure successful users see your product's full value.

In-App Notifications

Notify users within your application whenever events occur or actions are taken.

— plus a million more uses —

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